Structural Supply

Skilled in 3-D modeling, design and fabrication, we'll provide you with engineered drawings, steel for buildings, towers and supports, and much more to bring your project vision to life. From laying out project plans to adding small revisions and finishing touches, we’re with you every step of the way.


Using SDS2 detailing software, our detail fabrication and erection drawing services comply with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Our software allows the project to be shown in 3 dimensional drawings and computer models, which is beneficial during the design review and erection process.

3D modeling and design


Structural steel is measured and cut on advanced machinery ensuring small tolerances and marked with serial numbers to assist with identification during the erection process. Welds are performed by certified welders and meet AWS certification standards. We can provide painted or hot dip galvanizing finishes on steel for superior corrosion protection.

Handrail, Stair and Grating Installation

Miscellaneous Metals

To supplement the structural steel we also provide handrails, grating, stairs and ladders to provide safe access to the structure’s elevations and equipment within. All structural members and accessories are supplied with A325 structural or tension-controlled hardware.

Our full list of structural supply services includes:

  • Steel and connection design
  • Drafting and detailing
Installing Structural Support Beams
  • 3-D modeling
  • Custom fabrications
  • Painting and galvanizing
  • A325 structural and tension controlled bolts
  • Site delivery
  • Service platforms & mezzanines
  • Building structures
  • Building additions (either added bays or added elevation)
  • Conduit or pipe support racks
  • Towers, bridges, and trussed frames
  • Conveyor supports
  • Belt conveyor frames
  • Equipment supports
  • Grating and decking fabrication
  • Handrail, stairs, and ladders
  • Monorails

Check out a video of our CNC beam drill in action!