Apprentice Curriculum

Are you interested in a Millwright career at Icon Industrial Services, but are not currently a Union Millwright? Consider applying to the Millwright Union’s apprenticeship program to begin a rewarding career as a Millwright. The 4-year Union Millwright apprenticeship program is a great opportunity to receive the necessary training and education for a career as a Millwright Tradesman while also gaining valuable work experience. The hands-on program might be a good fit for you if you are a problem solver with the desire to develop diverse skills.

Apprentice Curriculum

The apprentice curriculum is split into four years of courses that train students in trades like rigging, welding, material handling, maintenance, and shaft alignment. All courses emphasize safe practices in every skill to prepare you to demonstrate each skill safely in diverse work environments.

1st Year Apprentice

In your first year of the apprentice program, you will be trained in the core foundations of Millwrighting with focuses in safety, precision and power tools, and introductory skills.

1st Year Millwright Courses:

  • Introduction to Construction Millwrighting (2 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Mathematics (3 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Monorails (2 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Blueprint Reading (2 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Welding (2 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Welding Extra Credits (Optional)

2nd Year Apprentice

The second year of the Millwright apprentice program will allow you to receive training to safely work with conveyors and machinery. You’ll also begin developing skills in shaft alignment and layout tasks while continuing your training in welding.

  • Conveyors (2 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Installation and Maintenance of Machinery (2 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Shaft Alignment (2 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Layout Tasks (3 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Welding (2 Credits, 40 Hours)

3rd Year Apprentice

During the 3rd year of your apprenticeship, you’ll focus on the advanced trades of Millwrighting such as rigging, laser alignment, and optical leveling. You’ll also be training to handle more advanced shaft alignment and hydraulics.

3rd Year Millwright Courses:

  • Rigging (3 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Optalign-Laser Shaft Alignment (2 Credits, 20 Hours)
  • Advanced Shaft Alignment (3 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Hydraulics (2 Credits, 20 Hours)
  • Optical Leveling (2 Credits, 20 Hours)
  • Bearings Seals and Lubrication (2 Credits, 20 Hours)

4th Year Apprentice

The last year of the apprentice program is the final step in preparing you to enter the workforce as a Union Millwright. You’ll receive supervisory training, take courses in advanced Millwright trades, and explore various types of equipment and machinery you will likely work with in your career.

4th Year Millwright Courses:

  • Supervisory Training Short Term Scheduling (1 Credit, 20 Hours)
  • Optical Alignment (3 Credits, 40 Hours)
  • Understanding the Operation of Pumps (2 Credits, 20 Hours)
  • Air Compressors and Blowers (1 Credit, 20 Hours)
  • Advanced Optalign (2 Credits, 20 Hours)
  • Turbine-Generator and Reactor Installation (2 Credits)

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